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DIGF - Neo Nuo Chen - Neo-Metamorphosis - video - 4 mins.png

"Neo-Metamorphosis" is an avant-garde digital fashion exhibition featuring six meticulously crafted looks inspired by origami and brought to life through photogrammetry. Employing the innovative 3D image-based photogrammetry technique, each intricately handmade origami piece was captured and translated into digital replicas. Within the realm of a 3D software interface, these digitized origami creations were artfully draped onto digital bodies, culminating in a captivating digital fashion show. This project serves as an exploration of transformative materiality, offering a glimpse into the future possibilities of digital fashion.

"Body as Canvas" is an artistic endeavor that envisions the human body as a blank canvas awaiting transformation through the addition of shapes and colors, resulting in a myriad of unique design outcomes. The foundational garments, consisting of a jacket, bra, and pants in pristine white, serve as the neutral canvas. The oversized buttons function as connectors, seamlessly attaching detachable pieces such as the hood, pockets, and decorative squares. This innovative approach allows for the infusion of diverse shapes and colors, transforming the initially blank canvas into a dynamic and expressive artistic creation.


The mini-collection, "Retour," aims to narrate a tale where our childhood not only resides in our past but is an enduring component of our ongoing journey. In honoring these cherished memories, a whimsical touch is infused into the designs, achieved through thoughtful fabric choices and imaginative construction techniques.

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