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Project Type

UX Researcher, UI Designer, Product Designer

Mobile Application 

MovieTime is an innovative application that facilitates the seamless purchase and online return of movie tickets. This user-friendly platform not only provides comprehensive access to film details and actor information but also offers an enticing avenue for accumulating points via its integrated rewards program. Through this program, users can unlock the opportunity to acquire complimentary movie tickets and exclusive merchandise, or even special event access by redeeming their accumulated points.

MacBook Pro 14_ - 4.png

Pain Points

In the quest to discern market demands and devise solutions that cater effectively to both cinemas and customers, I've identified several critical pain points:

  • The user seeks an enriching movie experience, with the ability to delve deeper into films, including watching trailers and exploring the cast's filmography, among other details.

  • User priorities include accumulating points for both online and in-person ticket purchases across various cinemas, with a desire to redeem these points for not only free movie tickets but also delectable snacks and more.

  • Above all, the platform prioritizes a seamlessly integrated and user-friendly application interface, striving for an enhanced, smoother, and more enjoyable overall experience.

Project Goal

In the wake of several COVID-19 lockdowns, my primary objective is to rekindle interest in the in-person cinematic experience, now that circumstances have opened up and slowly getting back to what we once called normal. I am introducing a feature that allows our valued patrons to select their preferred seats. This empowers the users to secure their desired seating arrangements, thus minimizing unwanted interactions and ensuring a personalized, worry-free experience.

A strategic initiative I am excited to introduce involves a robust rewards program, allowing our valued patrons to accumulate points with each transaction. These accrued points can be exchanged for various enticing benefits, including complimentary tickets, delicious snacks, branded merchandise, and exclusive access to curated events for all the die-hard movie fans.

At present, Toronto's cinematic landscape is dominated by a singular movie ticket application. However, my vision revolves around establishing a unified platform, catering to both this dominant player and the diverse array of smaller independent theatres. This comprehensive approach seeks to streamline the ticket purchasing process and enhance customer convenience.

Recognizing the shortcomings of our current movie ticketing application, my priority lies in enhancing user satisfaction. As part of my commitment to progress, I'm devoted to creating a strategy that aims not only to attract a younger demographic but also to ensure that seniors can seamlessly navigate the platform. A user-centric interface is on the horizon, promising a rejuvenated and intuitive ticket-purchasing process.



Age: 23

Location: Downtown Toronto

Family: One cat

Occupation: Student & Part-time Barista


  • Wants to get more rewards from purchasing tickets or snacks.

  • Wants to be notified for special events and promotions.

  • Works hard to get good grades.


  • “Work makes me sometimes miss the opening or the entire movie.”

  • “I find it hard to figure out which theater has which movie.”

Patrick is a first-year graduate student residing in Toronto. Recently, he embarked on the journey of independent living, accompanied by his newly adopted feline companion, Simba. Despite the demands of full-time schooling, Patrick has skillfully secured a part-time role as a barista at a local coffee shop. In his rare moments of leisure, he relishes the opportunity to catch a movie with his friends. To him, this serves as both a means of relaxation and a platform for crafting cherished memories.



Age: 45

Location: Downtown Toronto

Family: Partnered, one dog

Occupation: Real estate agent


  • Wants to pick the desired seats when purchasing tickets.

  • Wants to share her experience with both the movie and the theater.


  • No good seats for popular movies.

  • Other audiences are disrespectful or distracting during the movie.

Cecilia, a dedicated real estate professional, currently calls Toronto her home and workplace. Her mornings commence with an early rise to embark on a refreshing dog walk alongside her partner. They often seize the opportunity to savor a delightful coffee and breakfast together before heading home.

Cecilia possesses a profound appreciation for storytelling and regards movies as a captivating art form. Whenever their schedules align, she and her partner enthusiastically frequent the cinema, nurturing their shared passion for cinematic experiences.

Journey Map

1. Contact friends

2. Have a discussion

3. Go to the website

4. Look for options

5. Pay for tickets

6. Wait for movie

A. Decide whom to contact.

A. Discuss what time works for everyone.

A. Use a phone or laptop to access the website.

A. Look at the available options.

A. Add tickets to cart.

A. Grab some snacks.

B. Text/call their friends.

B. Discuss the type of movie that everyone is interested.

B. Choose a location that is the best for everyone.

B. Choose a movie and time that would satisfy everyone.

B. Make the purchase.

B. Wait for the movie to start.



Based on the user journey map, we have located a few improvements we can bring forward for our app design.

1. Creating an application that allows the user's friends/family to discuss prior to the purchase.

2. Including a poll function in the application.

3. Optimizing the website or translating it into an application for a more flexible and easy experience.

4. Adding a function to prompt the most optimal options.

5. Offering the ability to split the bill at checkout.

6. Sending a notification when the movie is starting in 30 minutes.


According to research and analysis, MovieTime can provide a smooth and user-friendly structure that serves different user group and their needs.

Home Page

Coming Soon


Now Showing

Choose Movie




Time & Location

More Info

Select Seat



Paper Sketches

Initially, I wanted to explore different layouts that could best convey as much information as possible, meanwhile having compact and smooth navigation.

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 5.20.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 5.20.10 PM.png


After I defined the flow and the basic structure of the application, I proceeded to create the wireframes to explore the experience in more detail on a screen-by-screen level. The main focus was the ticket purchase flow and I also included a few frames of the other functions.


Usability study 

I conducted a series of user research studies with the primary objective of gathering invaluable feedback from potential users. Below are the outcomes of these insightful investigations:

  • Enhancing button definition for a more pronounced visual cue is recommended.

  • The inclusion of additional payment methods would be beneficial.

  • Consider transitioning the rewards program to a point-based system rather than a percentage-based approach.

High Fidelity Prototype

For the final product, I opted for a color scheme dominated by elegant black and regal purple tones. This choice was made to encapsulate the ambiance reminiscent of a theater, lending an air of sophistication and refinement to the design.

MovieTime is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless user experience, whether it's the effortless ticket-purchasing process or the hassle-free redemption of rewards through our rewards program. Our priority is to provide a user-friendly interface that makes navigation a breeze, enhancing every aspect of your interaction with our platform.

Interactive prototype 

Final flow.png


  • Prioritize addressing user needs and enhancing app accessibility for all individuals.

  • Broaden outreach efforts to engage a larger user base, gathering diverse feedback for continuous improvement.

  • Maintain meticulous records to track completed actions and ensure thorough follow-up on implemented changes.

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