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Neo-Metamorphosis contains a total of six looks that were made with photogrammetric origami. The digital body serves as the mannequin that carries the movement and provides a clearer view of the origami garments. When the photogrammetric origami is being draped on the digital body, the change of the shape triggers the metamorphosis from its original form. And when the origami garments are being worn by the digital body, the kinetic relationship is activated, thus, the photogrammetric origami is constantly in a process of metamorphosis during the digital body's movement. This mini fashion collection presents the transition from materiality to immateriality and further digs into the potential of digital fashion.

foxbat gif.gif
kangaroobeetle gif.gif
turtletrex gif.gif
koibat gif.gif
trexcrane gif.gif

Fox & Bat

Kangaroo & Beetle

T-Rex & Turtle

Koi & Bat

Crane & T-Rex

Rose & Butterfly

Please use the buttons below to find out more about the process, the origami and the digital fashion show Neo-Metamorphosis.

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