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Project Type

UX Researcher, UI Designer, Product Designer

Mobile Application 

taste mockups.png


Taste. is dedicated to cultivating a welcoming community, fostering meaningful connections between food enthusiasts and restaurants, both in the digital realm and the real world.

Unlike typical food-centric mobile applications, Taste. takes a distinctive approach by offering a platform for restaurants and small business owners to amplify their services. We actively collaborate with restaurants, organizing special events such as free tasting nights exclusively for verified Tasters. In return, our Tasters are encouraged to provide honest and constructive feedback through reviews, contributing to the authenticity of the Taste. community.

Moreover, Taste. keeps its community engaged by providing real-time promotional information within the application. This ensures that our Tasters have access to the latest offers, which they can easily claim and utilize at supported restaurants. By bridging the gap between foodies and establishments, Taste. aims to create an interactive and mutually beneficial experience for both parties.

Pain Points

Current similar applications are being too commercial.

Anonymous comments could present inauthentic reviews without restrictions.

The foodies want to have a safe and friendly platform to form a community.

Project Goals


Taste. aims at creating a platform for restaurants and foodies to bond and communicate.


Taste. aims at building a secure, authentic, and friendly community for both restaurants and custumers.


Taste. aims at caring about not only the customers but also the restaurants and local small business owners.



Age: 31

Location: Downtown Toronto

Occupation: Fashion boutique manager

  • Enjoys good restaurants with a nice ambiance for a girl's night out.

  • Loves to take artistic photos in her stylish outfits.

  • Feels a bit awkward to spend too much time taking photos and bothering other customers.

  • Not knowing where is the newest or hottest spot in town to check out.

Cassandra currently serves as the Store Manager at a prominent Fashion boutique in Downtown Toronto. Beyond her managerial role, she has cultivated a substantial following on social media platforms, notably TikTok and Instagram. Cassandra has an avid passion for sharing her unique style, daily routines, and exploration of undiscovered spots in the city with her engaged and growing audience.

  • Promotes his restaurant by hosting events and inviting foodies.

  • Boosts his restaurant since it is a small local business.

  • Feels like it's hard to compete with some other restaurants that have money to do marketing.

  • Not very tech savvy and does not understand the younger generation's technology.

Hailing from rural Ontario, Lucas has been an integral part of his family restaurant in downtown Toronto since his teenage years. Despite the return of many customers to in-door dining post-pandemic, Lucas has observed that the restaurant's performance is not meeting his expectations. In light of this, he is actively seeking innovative solutions to enhance the restaurant's visibility, contemplating the possibility of hosting events and introducing enticing promotions to attract a wider audience.


Age: 52

Location: Downtown Toronto

Occupation: Italian restaurant owner

User Journey Map

user journey map taste.png

Low Fidelity prototype

Taste lofi.png

Usability Study

Upon completing the initial user research and crafting the low-fidelity prototype, I engaged in interviews with prospective users for Taste. The overall feedback was positive, affirming the favorable reception of the layout and the general direction of the application. However, a specific feature that I had envisioned for Taste. raised several concerns and questions among users. In response to these insights, I decided to heed the audience feedback and discard the feature.

Additionally, there were notable suggestions from users that I am planning to incorporate into the final product:

  • The application should have the capability to display details of activities.

  • There should be an increased level of interaction between users.

Moreover, there was uncertainty regarding the perceived risk associated with the meal partner idea, which prompted concerns about potential issues. As part of the refinement process, these insights will be carefully considered to ensure the finalized product aligns seamlessly with user expectations and preferences.

High Fidelity Prototype

Finally, the high-fidelity prototype contains the refined elements inherited from the low-fidelity prototype and now includes a new tab called "Taste." which displays user's upcoming and past events, this helps them to track activities in case they miss. It also helps remind the users to leave a review after attending the events, which will potentially benefit the restaurants that hosted. 

In essence, Taste. has successfully evolved into a platform that bridges the gap between customers and business owners, fostering a harmonious relationship

Interactive prototype 

Frame 2.png

LOGO Exploration

In designing the logo, I intended to feature cutlery as the primary element, arranging them in various orders and patterns.

The design process seeks to communicate the essence of both culinary delights and human connections.


By strategically crossing a fork with two knives, the final logo takes on the graceful and elegant shape of a tulip, symbolizing the delicacy inherent in both food and interpersonal relationships.

Frame 3.png


  • User research is the bedrock of every project, intricately woven into the fabric of the design process. Insights gleaned from potential users wield significant influence over the project's outcome, steering it away from unproductive paths and ensuring the creation of a truly useful product.

  • Identifying the current market needs and adopting an empathetic stance to embrace diverse perspectives played a pivotal role in the success of this product. What sets Taste. apart is the realization that the user's role extends beyond customers to include business owners, a nuanced understanding that has elevated the product's standing.

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