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"The Play Band"
-Play music wherever you want and however you want-

The Play Band is an interactive textile interface project, the main idea is by providing an instrument to people who love music, that they can bring with them anywhere because it’s soft and portable, it’ll only take up to a very small amount of space in user’s bag/pocket. It is a fun tool for not just kids but also adults since the band itself has belt loops on the back, which makes the piece can easily go on to different types or lengths of belts.


"Breathe In Breathe Out"

This project was inspired by the current global pandemic, where everyone is in a self-quarantine and social distancing situation. Using masks has been one of the top topics ever since the breakout, it is still a highly arguable object, but it is somewhat a symbol for this crisis. There is no specific person that I intended to design for, but I was more thinking about this as a tool for storytelling and performance. The mask has two parts on both sides which could create movements that are sound-triggered.


"Heart Skips A Beat"

This project is an easy-to-wear vest made out of a pair of old jeans, with a cut-and-sew heart using felt as its material. The heart is being controlled by the circuit express playground board, and a servo as the actuator to pull the thread attached to the heart to mimic the mechanism of a heart beating. The Neopixels on the board would gradually light up one after one to sync with the “heartbeat”. When the left button on the board is being pressed, all the Neopixels would turn into pink color and the servo would stop for a few seconds, it expresses the concept of “Heart Skips a Beat”.

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